Read some of the testimonials written by our vendors and customers.


JMH Trailers wrote:

"No other finance company has provided the high level of service or reliability as First Financial and that is why we recommend First Financial to all of our customers." - Dave Hoherchak

Sacks & Sons, Inc. wrote:

"Bob, [of First Financial] has worked closely with us to structure each transaction to accommodate the seasonality of our business and the corresponding cash flow fluctuations in our cash flow. He has helped us successfully grow our business and enhance our profitability." - Matt Sacks

The Turnip Truck wrote:

"I really appreciate you going out of your way to set up our financing - I know in these economic times it is very rare for small businesses such as ours to get financing for pretty much anything, and I really appreciate your checking out our situation and putting the faith in us that we would make good on it. With the addition of the second truck we were able to more than double our yearly sales, and I have since hired two full time employees and plan on adding a third truck and possibly another employee in the first half of next year." - Michael Schenck

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